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New Composition - "Eight Months"

The year 2020 is both fascinating and frightening. So many things have happened since the beginning of the pandemic that I could never have imagined before. Now we are already in the second lockdown and so far there is no end in sight. But one thing is for sure - in the not too distant future we will get together again with our families and all our friends and celebrate extensively. We will look back on all the things that happened this year and be even more happy when we can finally put them behind us. I admit, it all seems to be in the far future now but just imagining it gives us a little more hope and energy to get through this time. Today on my birthday I want nothing more than to celebrate with my family and friends and I know many out there feel the same way. This composition is exactly about that, the time after. Imagine those moments while listening to it and I hope you feel a little bit more hope afterwards.

Stay healthy and have a lot of patience. It will get better again.

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