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New Composition - "Familiar"

In keeping with the Christmas season, here is a brand new composition of mine - Familiar.

The music was created in the last few weeks and is clearly influenced by my "Bavarian roots" - a term I am reluctant to use, as it quickly brings with it a conservative and regressive connotation.

"Stubenmusik" has never played a role in my family at Christmas. My father grew up with this kind of music but probably never wanted to bother us children with it. However, over the years I have somehow took a liking to this genre - especially at Christmas time. This kind of music is clearly folkloristic and reminds me of a simpler time. Not necessarily better, but simpler - less materialism and a stronger connection to nature. These are values I can identify with wholeheartedly and they resonate with many people again today. I am glad that I have found my way to this old bavarian tradition, which for me combines the old with the new and reminds me of things that today stand for progress. Familiar is an interplay of exactly these things.

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